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Create once-off and recurring events

Events pull a crowd — that is why you want more of them, right? One of the best ways to showcase your venue as an event hotspot is to host one yourself. By filling your venue with the crowd you’re looking to attract, people will be able to experience your offering first-hand.

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Spread the word about your promotions

Whether it’s happy hour you want to kick off or you’re serving top notch parma – you’ll want to let the crowds know. With CrowdPop you can shout it from your rooftop (via app) and get an instant result.

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Push Notifications

Push notifications out to predefined distance

One of CrowdPop’s many unique assets is that it works with users’ geolocations. There is little value in promoting your venue to people 20 suburbs away. What is incredible however – is being able to reach CrowdPop’s userbase who are currently in your vicinity. Imagine the power of a $10 cocktail hour on a Saturday night, advertised to partygoers in bars around you paying $20 per glass?! Now wouldn’t that be grand!

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Make Staff the Rock Stars

Social media influencing – it’s a term that, no doubt, makes some shiver. Like it or not, it’s here to stay and for one reason only – it works. CrowdPop gives you the chance to utilise that power of influence by giving your staff a platform. Promote your venue and your staff equally, and you will multiply your following by leaps and bounds. On CrowdPop’s staff page you can create profiles for chefs, add videos of bartenders, feature your DJs – the more routes for reach you create, the greater your success.

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We could not make it simpler

CrowdPop might be high tech business in the back, but she’s a trouble-free mistress at the front.

Every step from registration to annual event creation is a clean, simple process that takes very little time investment, working positively for a large return.

If you’re still feeling a tad hesitant – why don’t you give yourself a red hot go on CrowdPop today, with a 30 day free trial. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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