Where to Find the Best Wine Bars in Perth?

Published On: November 13, 2020

Where to Find the Best Wine Bars in Perth?

Love a good wine? So do we!

If you live in Peth or have visited the ‘’city of lights’’, you’ve probably noticed; Perth’s wine bar scene has been expanding over the last few years with a number of small and thriving wine bars now serving quality and great value wines. What’s more, some of these wine bars offer delicious food to pair with your fantastic vinos!

Whether you like Sangiovese, Porto, Tempranillo, Champagne, or prefer local wines, Perth has you covered! Are you thirsty?

To help you find a great spot for your next wine outing, we’ve listed below some of the best wine bars Perth has to offer. Cheers!

Shadow Wine Bar

Fancy a romantic evening sipping on wine and enjoying great food? If that’s the case, this timeless Italian dining venue will delight you! Indeed, besides serving exquisite Italian meals, the venue’s drinks menu features many high-quality wines. Sourced from all around the world, from the steep vineyards of Germany and France to the warm vineyards of Spain and Australia, wine aficionados will be able to indulge in some incredible wines while spending time at Shadow Wine Bar.

If you’re looking for suggestions, we recommend the Diel Riesling for its freshness and ripe citrus fruit flavors. This amazing Riesling can be paired with the crab spaghettini. For red wine lovers, the medium-bodied Cannonau di Sardegna’s dark cherry flavors will pair well with the gnocchi eggplant and tomato sugo. Enjoy!

The Heritage Wine Bar

If you’re looking for an extensive wine list offering wines by the glass from all around the world and top-notch sommeliers to talk you through the best food and wine pairings available, the Heritage Wine Bar won’t disappoint.

Indeed, the venue’s wine menu boasts over 100 carefully selected wines from the new and the old world. The wines all feature different flavours and characteristics as they’ve been sourced from a wide range of wineries across the world, from well-established vineyards to boutique and emerging wineries. Some of the most popular wines include the Sancerre from the Loire Valley, the Chablis from Burgundy, the Riesling from Mosel, and the Nebbiolo from the Margaret River.

Petition Perth

This intimate venue located in the heart of Perth’s CBD boasts an extensive wine list carefully curated by 2018 Gourmet Traveller Sommelier of the Year, Emma Farrelly. The high-quality wine list features worldwide vinos, including some powerful Bordeaux and Jura wines along with flavoursome Swan Valley and Macedon Ranges wines.

If you feel hungry, nibble on a gorgeous charcuterie plate paired with one of Petition’s Perth orange wines or indulge in the delightful duck liver parfait with caramelised onion and pink peppercorn dish while sipping on a glass of rosé!

Wines of While

Looking for world-class wines without arrogance? You’ll love Wines of While! Indeed, this extremely popular wine bar and bottle shop specialises in sourcing organic natural wines produced from high-quality vines and wholesome food sourced from local suppliers. Sam, the owner, has been gradually collecting incredible wines from around the world for his customers to enjoy.

What’s more, at Wines of While, the Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and natural wines are served in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Along with fresh pasta, delicious terrines, wonderful cheeses, and freshly baked sourdough, customers can indulge in over 200 delicious vinos from refreshing Toscana Bianco wines and mineral Beaujolais to oaky French chardonnays.

No Mafia

This relaxed, southern Italian-inspired venue boasts an incredible wine list and a fantastic food menu. The recipes are simple yet delightful and the ingredients are sourced from local producers to ensure freshness and enhanced flavours. Now, for the wine menu, you’ll find a carefully curated list of Italian and Australian Vinos at No Mafia. Indulge on a Brunello di Montalcino with a delicious plate of fresh pasta or enjoy a House-Made Roman Arancini with a glass of flavoursome Chardonnay!

And, if you’re not sure what wines to pair with your food, No Mafia’s team is well-known for being both friendly and knowledgeable.

Keen to put these incredible wine bars on your bucket list? If you’d like to monitor what’s on in real-time the next time you visit, we might just have what you need! Indeed, at CrowdPop, we’re about to launch our revolutionary CrowdPop app, giving you access to real-time venue information and allowing you to anonymously chat with patrons at any venues in Perth and Melbourne. Stay tuned for the launch 😉

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