Best Cocktail Bars in Perth

Published On: October 30, 2020

Ready for cocktail o’clock but not sure where to go? Keen to sip on a few delicious cocktails made just for you by a passionate bartender? With a fantastic range of cocktail flavours spanning from classic Negronis to experimental Gin mixtures topped with a rosemary vapour bubble (yep, that’s a thing!), it’s no wonder cocktail aficionados love to immerse themselves in Perth’s innovative cocktail bar culture for an incredible night out with friends and family! Whether sophisticated, mysterious, dazzling or exotic, great cocktail bars can transport you to faraway lands, make you discover original creations and provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. From secret underground locations to fantastic rooftop bars, Perth’s incredible cocktail scene will turn your evenings into fun and memorable events. In this article, we’ll highlight the best places to indulge in delicious and unique cocktails in Perth. You can trust us as we’ve been bar-hopping our nights away over the last few months to come up with this list and all for the sake of this post of course 😉 You’re welcome!  Ready to dazzle your tastebuds?

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

If you like cocktails with a view (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!), Sweetwater Rooftop Bar is the place for you! Besides boasting amazing views of the Fremantle Swan river, this vibrant and sophisticated rooftop garden serves original cocktail creations along with Asian-inspired dishes. If you’re adventurous, you’ll love the fabulous beverage menu as it’s filled with unique cocktail flavours, including the Zen Monk. This spicy mixture is made with lavender, ginger beer and jalapeño-infused gin. How delicious? Another favourite is the Spiced Hot Choc. Nothing to do with the traditional comfort beverage as this version includes spiced rum and spiced syrup along with hot chocolate. Happy tastebuds guaranteed 😉

Bar Lafayette

Looking to wow your next date? Or perhaps you and your friends just enjoy classy drinks in a themed environment? Bar Lafayette is a testament to old-world classic cocktail bars. Located on the ground floor of a heritage-listed building, the cosy and sophisticated venue will transport you back to the 20’s with its old-world vibes. The intimate bespoke rooms display beautiful antique artwork and furniture which complement the moody lighting, and the gorgeous wood counter. Recently awarded WA’s best cocktail bar, this amazing cocktail spot specialises in artisan cocktail concoctions served by highly-skilled and creative bartenders in a dimly lit environment for the ultimate cocktail experience. Drink wise, the cocktail list will delight cocktail aficionados with some unique creations such as the Truffle Blazer made with truffle-infused Glenmorangie and brown cacao. However, what we like the most about Bar Lafayette is that they only propose artisanal cocktails made with fresh fruit and don’t use cordials.


Did someone say tequila? Caballitos is a fantastic underground tequila bar. If you’re looking to have fun while enjoying some unique cocktail creations, this Mexican-inspired epic venue won’t disappoint. It features an extensive and innovative cocktail menu to cater to any tastes. One of our favourites on the drink menu is the Black Rose, a fun and frozen version of espresso martini topped with vanilla foam. Another amazing cocktail we recommend is the Passionate Maragri-tinny featuring Don Julio Blanco mixed with white peach puree and topped up with fresh lemon and Passiona Reduction. Along with incredible cocktails, the venue also serves delicious tacos. If you’re on a budget, tacos are only $5 on Tuesdays, and if you love a good Piñata, Wednesdays are Smash Piñatas days. Ready to dance all night long?

Long Chim

Feeling like going to an exotic place without having to move? Long Chim’s Thai-inspired cocktails will transport you to the vibrant streets and bustling markets of Bangkok, sip after sip. The stunning and modern venue is located in an industrial space and features a street art decor and a wonderful food and drink menu inspired by Thai street food flavours. The delicious Yellow Drink, a rum and plantain cocktail topped up with parsley, is extremely popular and so is the stellar Emerald Buddha, a gin and white wine unique creation featuring black cardamom and pickled cucumber.

Goody Two‘s

Ready for your next and final cocktail destination?? We thought finishing up with the amazing Goody Two’s was just right. Remember the amazing Gin cocktail featuring an edible rosemary vapour bubble we mentioned at the beginning? This is where you’ll find this delicious creation! Along with this incredible cocktail, the menu brims with unique and tasty Japanese-inspired concoctions such as the Miso- caramel espresso martini. If you have a big celebration coming up, the venue also serves cocktails to share. More goodness in a glass. Who’s in? We hope this article has provided you with some great inspiration and you’re now ready for your next night out! Want to check what’s on tonight in your favourite cocktail bar? CrowdPop brings you live information like wait times or happy hour on any venue. How cool is that?

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