About Us

For CrowdPoppers, by CrowdPoppers

CrowdPop brings you live information, on any venue, before you decide to go.

And it’s brought to you by your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, your teachers, your drinking buddies … and us. Because we’re all part of the same CrowdPop fam, committed to enhancing your outing experience, as one.

Behind the original crowdsourced venue-knowledge brand

In 2018, Chris Germon was driving his young family to a regional zoo. It was an hour drive, which isn’t long if you haven’t got two tiny humans in the back seat. Alas, Chris listened to the said tiny humans in the back of the car and the journey felt long. Very long.

Once at the zoo, they discovered that seemingly everyone in the state decided to visit this same zoo, on this particularly hot summer day. The car park was full. Side streets were bumper to bumper. Even illegal nature strip spots were taken. “There should be an app that tells you if it’s busy at a place” Chris hmphed in frustration. Lightbulb moment. This is exactly what Chris wanted, and felt others needed – an app that tells you if a café is quiet if a pub is packed if a stadium has queues. But he didn’t want some questionable assumption made by a computer – he wanted real people’s accounts of the place, in real-time.

Not finding a product that suited his needs, Chris started CrowdPop.


Who we are 

We are a team of creators, product managers, marketers – teamed with developers, designers and genius geeks at Zyrous. We hate queues and love good vibes and we’re having an absolute blast developing a tool that we genuinely believe is useful in time of social distancing, and certainly when sweaty hugs make a comeback.

At CrowdPop, we want everyone to have the best experience possible. That’s why we are continually adding development to the app, as well as look for your feedback and feature requests. If you have questions, or would like to send feedback, please reach out to us at hello@crowdpop.com

Our vision

It’s simple – we want to improve people’s outings, create a community and support small business.

It is our hope and dream to see CrowdPop grow into a global platform for entirely user-delivered live data, and a unique social network.